Experiments - Amantea - 2016

"Amantea" - February

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In October 2015, at-sea experiments have been performed in the port of Amantea, Italy, in February 2016. During these experiments, we investigated the performance of acoustic clock synchronization and distance estimation between underwater nodes equipped with heterogeneous clocks (real-time and atomic clocks). We have integrated the atomic clocks in the SeaModem low-power acoustic modem developed by the University of Calabria. The modem firmware has also been enhanced and extended to support on-line synchronization and to schedule acoustic transmissions with accurate timing information. The SUNSET framework has been enhanced to provide remote acoustic clock synchronization and one-way/two-way ranging estimation. This has allowed us to implement a prototypal system for acoustic node synchronization and localization through one-way ranging estimation.

G. Cario, A. Casavola, V. Djapic, P. Gjanci, M. Lupia, C. Petrioli and D. Spaccini. "Clock Synchronization and Ranging Estimation for Control and Cooperation of Multiple UUVs", in Proceedings of MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2016, (Shanghai, China), IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society, April, 10-13 2016. - [BIB] - [PDF]