Experiments - Marzamemi - 2015

"Marzamemi" - June

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In June 2015, at-sea experiments have been performed off the coast of Marzamemi, in Sicily (Italy), together with the University of Porto. During the experiments the integration between SUNSET and LAUVs (Light Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, developed by the LSTS group) have been completed and successfully tested. A network of 4 static nodes (developed by WSENSE) and 3 LAUVS have been deployed. SUNSET was running in the main board of each vehicle and allowed the remote and online control of all vehicles when they were underwater performing both single and multi-hop communications.
During these experiments, RAI1 has filmed a short video on SUNRISE "Robots of the Oceans's Abyss" as part of Superquark, RAI flagship Science TV Show. The video was shot during joint experiments with Soprintendenza del Mare Siciliano to test the SUNRISE redeployable testing facility in Spring 2015. The video (video starts after 1 hour and 27 minutes) has been on air on July 16th 2015 (audience communicated by RAI: around 2,5 millions people).