Sapienza University Networking framework for underwater Simulation, Emulation and real-life Testing


User Group

The SUNSET user-group has been created with the intention to create a community of researchers and developers supporting SUNSET and an open environment to ask questions, solve problems and share ideas.

Although several solutions have already been implemented for SUNSET and some of them have been made available to the researching community, our intention is not to implement all the solutions proposed for UWSNs but to help researchers and developers to implement their own solutions using SUNSET so that such solutions can be tested by means of both simulation and real-life testing. Especially when running solutions in real-life testing, small details in the implementation can make the difference in the protocol performance: For this reason we would like to encourage protocol authors to implement their own solution in order to avoid any possible uncorrected implementation which could result in a not proper protocol performance evaluation.

The SUNSET user-group is available at Anybody can view group content but only members can post messages. People can request an invitation to join the SUNSET user-group sending an e-mail to