On going research activities mainly focus on:

  • Cyber Physical Systems.
    • Green wireless sensor networks (exploiting energy harvesting and wake up radio capabilities).
      • Recent results have addressed selective activation and task allocation; models to accurately predict harvested energy.
    • Underwater monitoring and control systems.
      • Recent activity has addressed: the design of SUNSET, an open source framework to simulate, emulate and test at sea underwater monitoring systems; MAC, data link, routing and cross layer protocols for acoustic underwater communications; analytical models and optimization of UWSNs.
    • Security solutions for wireless sensor networks.
      • Recent activities have addressed: data access control, a security negotiation framework; fast signatures for WSNs.
  • RFID based systems, with a focus on systems for healthcare and foodchain monitoring.
    • Recent activities have addressed anticollision protocols for mobile RFID systems; fast tag identification; exploiting interference cancellation in RFID anticollision protocols.
  • Cognitive radio networks and opportunistic spectrum access.
    • Recent activities have addressed: design of spectrum monitoring networks; cross layer protocols for secondary users opportunistic channel access; MAC and data link schemes for opportunistic channel access.
Please refer to the SENSES lab page for information on SW and testbeds we have recently developed together with my students and postdoc fellows. SENSES web page provides links to publications, open source SW, and describes the on-going research and testbeds activities.
SENSES Laboratory Web Page